6 Common Mistakes Installing A Diesel Engine Cylinder Head

It’s no small undertaking to replace your cylinder head, and it only makes sense that you want it done correctly. Ensure yours is properly installed with these guidelines and common mistakes to avoid. Keep in mind that these are only general guidelines, and you should refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for more specific information on […]

How to Install a Diesel Cylinder Head

A diesel cylinder head has multiple functions. It serves as the top seal for the engine cylinder. It also contains the cylinder intake and exhaust valves that manage engine breathing. Here’s how you can install the cylinder head. Step 1 – Get Started First, clean the cylinder head and the gasket surface of the cylinder block. […]

Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Buying Guide

The diesel cylinder head in your engine probably doesn’t get a lot of attention until you notice a problem with your boat’s performance. Without cylinder heads, there’d be no pressure seal within engine cylinders or the internal combustion that powers modern engines. Additional responsibilities of diesel engine cylinder heads include: Provides a housing at the […]

Signs You Need to Replace Your Cylinder Head

Your cylinder head is an important part of your engine. It is part of the combustion chamber where fuel and air flow through and exhaust flows out. If problems with your cylinder head are not addressed, it can cause your engine to go bad. If this happens, often the best thing to do is replace […]