Shanxi shadow play finds takers

Chang Zhi Gui, starring Wang Jinfa, is an experimental shadow play funded by a Tsinghua University’s cultural-heritage project. The show is staged in a church in Yan’an, Shaanxi province.  A Tsinghua University project is helping to preserve intangible culture in China, Cheng Yuezhu reports.  The lights go out and the show begins. Silhouettes of leather-made […]

Womb of Wudang Culture

In the juncture of the States of Chu, Qin and Han in the Spring and Autumn Period, the Wudang Mountain has long been a strategic place in military for its large altitude and valley depth, which enables difficult access and easy defense.And the name “Wudang” is associated with resistance against external aggression.   And a Taoist […]

Landscapes on show remember a late reformer

The works of late landscape painter Sun Bowen show two major directions of reimagining the face of classic shanshui mountain-and-water paintings in the 20th-century China, employing bold, carefree brushes to present the grandeur of nature and highly-saturated colors to bring the genre of ink paintings more accessible to the general public. Impassioned Poem, an exhibition at the […]