Leo McGarry: Sam Seaborn got that it simple experience of a girl – bam

Abbey Bartlet: In the 1890, she moved internationally for the 72 days, 6 days, eleven minutes and you can fourteen moments, besting by more than one times, Jules Verne’s 80 months.

President Josiah Bartlet: She appears like an amazing lady, Abbey. I am such as for instance satisfied you to definitely she overcome an imaginary checklist. When the she falls 21,one hundred thousand leagues under the water, I’ll name a damn college immediately after their!

Abbey Bartlet: When it comes to historical data becoming memorialized in this country, women were mostly missed. Nellie Bly is simply the idea of the iceberg.

Abbey Bartlet: Elizabeth Blackwell is actually the original Western woman becoming awarded an enthusiastic MD. She dependent the fresh Ladies’ Medical University.

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: Remain speaking. I am simply browsing stay right here and you will consider plutonium additionally the some thing I could perform inside it.

Lionel Tribbey, Light Household Counsel: [regarding Ainsley] Really, forgive me personally, sir, but if you have a few moments, I would like to discuss the choosing out-of blonde and you can leggy fascists whoever degree doesn’t come with the best buy of one’s alphabet to have positions of the White Family Counsel’s place of work.

Let’s make love

President Josiah Bartlet: And we will, Lionel, but right now I don’t know if you have noticed but indeed there was 30 or 40 others in the area, quite a few of just who provides donated significant amounts of money towards Democratic People, so perhaps you may get a tighter traction in your ponies and we’ll discuss they later on.

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: Really, definitely, Lionel Tribbey are a brilliant attorneys just who we can not live as opposed to, or there would be almost no reason to not set your from inside the prison.

Abbey Bartlet: Doesn’t matter. The electrolytes and you can metabolic boards is within this normal limits. Bust x-ray is clear, and prostate windowpanes is great.

Lionel Tribbey: I do believe, for as long as Fairness Dreifort is actually intolerant to your gays, lesbians, blacks, unions, female, poor people, therefore the very first, 4th, fifth, and you will ninth amendments, I’m able to are intolerant towards the him

C.J. Cregg: [Talking about Ainsley Hayes] I will show some thing, Toby. I really don’t imagine it’s that she actually is a beneficial Republican, I think it is you to definitely this woman is a Republican woman and you can this woman is a-looking.

Leo McGarry: Dreifort’s a supreme Court Fairness, Lionel, very let’s speak of your in accordance and practice certain endurance for those who differ with us https://datingranking.net/fr/rencontres-sobres-fr/.

[brand new President and also the Basic Ladies is fundamentally have sex immediately following lengthy; he or she is throughout the Oval office]

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: The Hampshire is actually one hour and a half by plane. I don’t have that kind of date.

President Josiah Bartlet: [with the Secret-service agents] People, it is crucial one to no one attempts to kill myself regarding the next hour approximately.

Here will come the latest opponent. I’m a recouping alcoholic. Bam. Broadcast, Tv, guides, cams facing the house, anybody screaming at my de, editorials, op-eds. “He is a drunk. He or she is hazardous. The guy is resign.”

Ainsley Hayes: Mr. Tribbey? Let me excel on this, my personal first task. People suggestions you might give me personally that might part me personally the new way of success would be, of the me, preferred.

General Ed Barrie: How about we explore the latest safeguards purchasing being right down to three hundred or so mil off 400 billion 10 years ago. Is the fact personal?

C.J. Cregg: No, sir, I do believe which is in regards to the cooler war ending 10 years back and you may The usa maybe not being forced to purchase somewhat so much money shielding in itself up against a country that can’t cook dough.

Leo McGarry: Really, that is Television. He could be and make an entire-throated defense of Chairman. That is what we create. Trust in me, within the real-world, if cams is from.

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