jib boom should be very common to everyone, but have you seen this kind of detachable boom that can be operated by teenage children?

Hubei July forklift jib boom is a new type of boom, if you want one that is easy to disassemble and easy to operate, then it is very suitable.

The 6 tons (CC125ZB4+1) forklift crane jib, can be mounted on forklifts of 5 tons or more , all lifts can lift 0.3 tons, the height is 11.8 meters (the gantry is raised by 3 meters according to the forklift).

The 8-ton (CC165ZB8+1) forklift crane can be installed on a forklift of 7 tons or more (the best forklift is 10 tons). It is simple to install, easy to operate, and has a wide range of applications. It takes 5 minutes for one person to disassemble and assemble. The forklift flying arm crane adopts the eagle eye design and has a wide field of vision. The oil cylinder is inverted to prevent collision, which is safe, convenient and practical.

8-ton forklift flying boom crane, 8 sections hydraulic, one section hand-pulled, with an elbow jib hanger blue positioning plate, the maximum work is 15.2 meters, all lifts can lift 0.3 tons, and the height is 19 meters (by forklift lift 3 meters door shelf). Can be customized according to individual needs.

Forklift tail crane, 6-section hydraulic telescopic, maximum working radius of 15.5 meters, with five outriggers. The 4-meter position can lift 23 tons, and all lifts can lift 3 tons.

Delong X3000 cab, extended flat-top cab, electronically controlled automatic constant temperature air conditioning, 300L aluminum alloy fuel tank, central control lock, wheelbase: 2100+3650+1400+1350, Weichai 460 horsepower engine, 12.00R20 steel wire tire, 12 Gearbox. 4.769 speed ratio, total mass 53 tons, curb weight 52.8 tons. Equipped with Jiangwei 2200 full-boom crane, 6 sections of hydraulic hand-pulled jib with elbow, the maximum working radius is 15.8 meters, 55 tons of 4 meters, 6 hydraulic outriggers. Can be customized according to individual.

Are you excited to see this? In July , the new of boom for industry and trade is affordable, and new and old customers are welcome to inquire!!!

Alibaba :https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/8-ton-Forklift-Jib-Boom-detachable_1600433610867.html?spm=a2747.manage.0.0.201971d2ZCHCgI