During the course of owning a vehicle, you may be required to install a new power window switch. This is going to be especially true in used cars where the warranty has already expired. Because of their use, power window switches can fail from time to time. This can be because it gets wet, wires start to corrode, or it simply wears out. Replacing the power window switch is not going to require a costly trip to the repair shop. You can easily install a new one yourself in your own garage with basic tools.

Step 1 – Purchase New Switch

Find the parts number from your user manual. If you do not have the user manual you can always find out this number at the auto parts store. Tell them the make and model of your car, including the trim package, and they will be able to find the part that you need.

Step 2 – Compare Switches

Once you get the switch out to the car, or back home to your garage, compare the switches. Look at what they look like and approximate size. If they seem to be the same thing, then you can move on to installing it. If not, then exchange it for the one that is right.

Step 3 – Pry off Bezel

Using a flat head screwdriver you can pry up the bezel that the switch is in. You do not have to remove the door casing or the handle of the door. You simply pry gently on the power window switch bezel to get at the housing.

Step 4 – Remove from Bezel

Once the bezel comes loose, you will notice some tabs that hold it into place. Press down on the locking tab and it will come loose. Hold up the switch and bezel and look for some tabs that hold the switch to the bezel itself. Pry these with a little pressure from the screwdriver and pop the switch from the bezel.

Step 5 – Remove Rockers from Switch

Once you have the power window switch out of the bezel, remove it from the outlet. This is simply disconnecting it from the wire harness. Remove the rockers from the window switch and make sure that you know which direction they go when transferring to the new switch. Mark the front with a small piece of tape so you know where to place them on the new switch.

Step 6 – Assemble New Switch

With the rockers in hand, you can then install them onto the new switch. Take an extra minute to reassure yourself that you have them facing in the right direction. Remove the tape, if you used any, and then connect the wires back to the switch. Pop back into the bezel holder and slide the assembly back into the hole in the door. Push the assembly back in place and make sure you hear the tab snap. Test out the rockers to see if the switch moves the way that it should.

Step 7 – Test Window

Turn your car on and see if the new power window switch works.