Fog light bulbs are easily replaced. On most vehicles fog lights are normally directly underneath the headlights. If you notice that your fog lights don’t work as well as they used to then your light bulbs might need to be replaced.

Step 1 – Test the Lights

Turn on the fog lights and step outside the vehicle to see if the lights are on. If they are only dim you may just need to clean the fog light cover to clear any film coating that has developed.  If they are out then you will need to replace them.

Step 2 – Remove the Bulb

On some models you can pull the light cover off of the light from outside the vehicle. Unscrew the fasteners holding it to the bracket and pull the fog light assembly.  Other lights have to be removed from under the hood. In either you will need to pull out the fog light assembly. First unplug the electric plug. Then unscrew the bulb or release the tab that holds the bulb in.

Step 3 – Purchase the Replacement

Take the bulb with you to the parts store. They will need the part numbers on the bulb to give you the correct replacement bulbs.

Step 4 – Install the New Bulb

Screw the new bulb into the socket or press the tab.

Step 5 – Assemble the Fog Light

Plug the electrical plug back in and put the fog light housing back into the correct place. Refasten the screws and push the cover back on.

Step 6 – Retest the Lights

Be sure the new bulbs are working. If not, you may have a bad bulb. If one is working then take that bulb and test it on the other side. If it is not the bulb then you may have a wiring problem.

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