If you ever find that the steering of your car does not feel firm or it produces an unusual noise when it is in use, you will find that this can be rectified by bleeding the power steering system.

Step 1 – Prepare

After gaining full access to the power system, start the engine in preparation for the bleeding process.

Step 2 – Remove Connector

Using a wrench, you will need to disconnect the high pressure wire which will be the highest line on the power steering pump. There is also a lower wire that you can leave in place.

Step 3 – Bleed Fluid

Once the line is loose, hold a disposable container beneath the end and slowly release the opening to drain the power steering fluid. If there is air in the system, a few moments may pass before you see any liquid and it may be filled with air bubbles. Wait until only liquid flows from the line and close it again.

Step 4 – Refill Reservoir

Check the reservoir of the power steering system to check the level of the power steering fluid. Refill it to the necessary level if it has been sufficiently depleted.

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