Applying brake caliper paint provides a clean, finished look to the caliper. The wheels can get really dirty. Brake parts work hard and are subject to heat and wear. Brake caliper paint can be purchased at any authorized automotive parts dealer and the job itself can be easy.

Tools and Materials

Step 1 – Remove and Clean

Loosen the lug nuts while the vehicle is on the ground. Jack up the vehicle, take off the lugs, and remove the wheel. Before using the brake caliper paint, your wheel needs to have a clean surface. Clean the wheel with the wire brushes. Use brake cleaner to remove any debris and allow it to dry for about 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Paint

Tape off all parts that you do not want painted. Use newspaper to cover up the places that you do not want to paint. Using light coats, apply the brake caliper paint. Apply 3 coats of paint. Wait 10 minutes between coats. Allow 3 hours for the paint to dry before you use your car.