The demand for diesel engines remains strong as many North Americans still choose to drive bigger SUVs and pickup trucks, especially for work. Recent announcements from General Motors, Ram, and Ford demonstrate that the trend towards driving diesel will continue through 2020 and beyond, because it offers consumers a unique combination of power and performance, not to mention towing capabilities, driving range, and flexible fueling options. If you’re part of the growing group that prefers diesel engines, you might also be interested in finding ways to improve the performance of the engine and get more power out of it. That’s where diesel engine performance parts come into play.  Here are a few easy ways you can improve the performance of your diesel engine with performance parts.

Upgrade the Air Intake

One of the easiest ways to increase the power of your diesel vehicle is through improving the airflow to the diesel engine. Performance parts, like an upgraded airflow kit, will get more air to the engine, which in turn, creates more power. When the new airflow kit draws in air from outside of the engine compartment, it is typically cooler air, which is denser and holds more oxygen. As a result, it will increase the amount of power the engine produces. This can increase horsepower and improve fuel economy at the same time!

Fine Tune the Engine Control Module

Diesel engine performance parts, such as the Engine Control Module (ECM) can improve performance by changing engine parameters, like the air-fuel mixture and maximum RPM. If you know your way around engines, reprogramming or replacing the ECM is an easy way to alter settings to let the engine develop more horsepower and torque to improve performance. These changes can also help improve diesel efficiency.

New Fuel Injectors

After upgrading the air intake and reprograming the ECM, you’ll want to put in some new fuel injectors to allow more fuel to reach the engine and increase horsepower.


Is it possible to discuss diesel engine performance parts and not talk about turbochargers? Using a turbocharger is a great way to get more power. This little part will push more air into the engine and pressurize the air intake, allowing your engine to generate higher power, while improving engine efficiency. Look for a performance turbo that will increase your airflow five to ten times above a non-turbo engine to get a higher boost in horsepower!

Upgrade the Exhaust

As you probably know, if you increase the engine horsepower, it’s important to upgrade the exhaust system as well. While stock exhaust systems focus on noise reduction, a performance exhaust system will allow for increased exhaust flow through the system, thanks to a wider, straighter system. It will also lower the exhaust gas temperature and improve the horsepower and torque produced by the engine.

Diesel engine performance parts are an easy way to upgrade your ride and increase power and performance. Make sure you keep on top of your regular maintenance to ensure your vehicle is always running in top condition.