When it comes to marine diesel engine oil, there are plenty of myths about which types of oil are best for which engine. Here are some of the most common marine engine oil myths and the truth behind them.

1. Synthetic Oils Are Better

Synthetic oils are made from synthesized chemicals, sometimes derived from petroleum, which eliminates crude oil. When you remove crude, you eliminate naturally occurring contaminants such as wax, making the oil molecules smaller and more uniform in size. This consistency can result in a slight decrease to engine wear.

However, synthetic oils are at least twice as expensive as conventional oil. Although you may not have to change synthetic oil as frequently as conventional oil, the higher price of synthetic oil makes both types virtually the same cost in the long run. Furthermore, the amount of engine wear reduction varies widely, so there is no guarantee it will provide you with the level of protection you deem necessary.

2. You Can’t Mix Brands of Oil

Although it is not the best practice, mixing oil brands will not cause any major problems as long as they are of equivalent quality. However, mixing oil is not the best practice because different brands may have different additive systems that won’t function as efficiently when combined. Ultimately, when it comes to oil, the brand used is less important than ensuring you maintain the proper oil level.

3. My Engine Will Benefit From Supplemental Additives

Supplemental additives are not needed and are therefore not recommended. Today’s oils are specifically designed to protect against harsh conditions, and supplemental additives will often dilute the additives already present in your marine motor oil, which thereby reduces its quality. Extra additives may also endanger any warranties you may have, as manufacturers often specify which oils are recommended.

4. Paraffinic Oils Can Cause Sludge and Wax Buildup

All high-quality marine motor oils are made from a paraffinic base. Paraffin molecules provide a stability that makes the oil more resistant to chemical changes that can occur with other types of oils. Therefore, a high-quality paraffinic oil will result in less corrosive wear, sludge and varnish.

5. Motor Oil Causes Sludge

Only low-quality marine motor oils will cause sludge. A good quality motor oil will keep contaminants separated so that they will drain with the oil and not be deposited in the engine. If you use good oil and change your filter and oil regularly, you can easily avoid any sludge buildup.

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