The diesel cylinder head in your engine probably doesn’t get a lot of attention until you notice a problem with your boat’s performance. Without cylinder heads, there’d be no pressure seal within engine cylinders or the internal combustion that powers modern engines.

Additional responsibilities of diesel engine cylinder heads include:

  1. Provides a housing at the top of the engine block for the combustion chamber, exhaust valves, lifters and springs.
  2. Lets air into the combustion process and evacuates exhaust.
  3. Helps fuel and coolant move through the marine engine smoothly.

When it’s time to replace your marine engine’s cylinder heads, refer to our buying guide. Learn more about the signs that your cylinder head needs to be replaced and find suggestions for what to look for in a new or remanufactured diesel cylinder head.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Boat’s Diesel Cylinder Head

Look for these five signs that your engine cylinder head may be reaching the end of its lifecycle:

1. Your boat is consuming more oil than it should.

2. If your cylinder head is cracked, the engine may issue white smoke. This signifies potential oil contamination.

3. Your boat is leaking oil or coolant.

4. If the pressure seal of a cylinder head is compromised, each stroke of the engine will be weaker than it should be, limiting the total power output of your boat.

5. If the cylinder head is worn or cracked, your engine may misfire. When this occurs, it forces the contents of the cylinder through the rest of the engine system components.

Tips When Buying Diesel Engine Cylinder Heads

When choosing between a OEM engine cylinder head or a remanufactured one, here’s what to keep in mind:

Remanufactured cylinder heads: To save money, aftermarket engine cylinder heads are an ideal choice. Only buy rebuilt engine cylinder heads from a source with a solid reputation, like Hubei July.

New cylinder heads: For peace of mind, you can buy a new cylinder head. Our premium-quality parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Here are a few additional buying tips for diesel cylinder heads to ensure you get the results you’re looking for:

Match the cylinder head with your engine: Not every cylinder head is compatible with all marine engines. Make sure you know your transmission and engine model numbers. If you’re not sure, get help from your mechanic.

Match the material to the engine block: If you’re stuck between a cast iron or aluminum cylinder head and don’t know which to choose, match the build material of your replacement part with the primary engine block material.

Look for a good warranty: Even rebuilt engine parts from reputable dealers will carry some kind of warranty. Make sure your provider’s policies meet your expectations.

Reach out for help: If you’d like assistance matching a replacement cylinder head to your marine engine, reach out to us. Send the serial number of your engine, and we’ll search our extensive inventory to find parts that match your assets.

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