Owning a diesel car requires a different set of knowledge than owning a gasoline model. Not only is diesel fuel 25% to 30% more energy rich than gasoline, it also uses a completely different injection model. If you are new to owning a diesel vehicle, you may not completely understand what exactly is happening when your car injects fuel.

From determining an LMM injector lifespan to replacing your Cummins injector nozzles, it is important to understand the following language. Start with these and add more as you go. By reading up on this diesel fuel injection system terminology, you can talk to any car professional about your diesel fuel injection system.

If you have any questions about certain terms used by your mechanic, be sure to ask for clarification. Once you have your diesel vehicle for a while, you will get used to all of the moving parts and how they work together. You will learn, for example, how LMM injector life impacts injection duration. For now, continue to educate yourself so that you can identify any problems that come up by name.

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